Sunday, July 14, 2013


Jenniffer.. or.. Jen,thats how she liked being called. She was our best employee till date. The tall, slim, white girl with brown hair and blue eyes. Her hair carelessly thrown back in a single plait. The girl with impeccable manners,addressing everyone as ‘ma’am’ or ‘sir', giving respect and demanding it too. Strictly a no nonsense type.No task was too big or too small for this hardworking lass.I was very impressed by her work ethics.  One day there wasn’t much work, so we sat together chatting.
”I bet you don’t know that I am pregnant,”she said. She told me she was already 4 months into it. I looked at her, the way she gently touched her abdomen , caressing the unborn .. and the pride in her eyes.
“O really!! Congrats!!.. It doesn’t show one bit.” I was really surprised. I asked her to take care and not to do the heavy stuff from now on..
“Don’t worry, I am just pregnant .. not disabled”,she laughed. I couldn’t help admiring her that moment.
“So is this your first child?”
“No, I have two more from my wife’s ex-husband.”
Ummm??.. did I hear it right!! ..or my ears have started giving up!!.. or a figment of my imagination!!.. My mind a bit confused, and then, suddenly it dawned on me.. she was gay!! She was enloying my confusion as I could see it writ on her face. Perhaps she was used to such reactions and probably enjoyed it too.
“But then, how come this pregnancy?” I couldn’t help asking. 
 “I got myself artificially inseminated. Me and my wife thought it was time we had a baby together.”
 Hmmm ..strange are the times, I thought.  As I watched her closely,I could clearly see that she was basking in the glory of impending ‘motherhood’( or ‘fatherhood’), I should say. I don’t know, but most certainly her ‘parenthood’.Her ‘wife’ threw a nice baby shower party for her. Her whole family and friends joined in  laughing, singing, playing games and making merry as if nothing was unusual in this kind of strange relationship. Later she told me that everyone but her grandmother, knew the truth about the whole situation. She was told that the baby was hers and her boyfriend’s, and that they were not together anymore. Eveyone was congratulating her and her ‘wife’. They both were accepting the blessings and good wishes very gracefully.They both looked like any other happy couple. It was all so surreal to me. The shock of it shattered my inhibitions. It was a moment of great revelations.. a moment of truth . The traditional concept of family is changing.. a new family, a modern one, was taking shape right in front of my eyes. The social structure had changed quietly with time. Relationships are not bound anymore with the constraints of dos and don’ts. The young people were accepting and adapting to their wants and needs uninhibitingly. Good ..or.. bad .. I dont know !! I could see that love and love alone was holding this family together. The fragility of it scared me. I prayed from the bottom of my heart that this family stays strong and together, always .......                                                                                                ...PoonamDogra....


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  2. Lol... very interesting, but such a normal story now... The structure of family is changing. Family means more than just a husband, a wife and their children now... It actually means whatever you want it to mean... Hope they are happy:) loving your freedom of speech! Keep it up:) xo