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Here is another funny one from Ek Garrm Chai Ki Pyali .. hope you enjoy reading it..

                                                                                 NACHHATTAR SINGH
Nachhattar singh landed in the land of opportunities in 1977 with dreams in his eyes for a bright future.. his father had sold a piece of land for his tickets and expenses.. It was a dream of young and not so young punjabi puttars of those days to go abroad and sweep all the gold lying down on the streets of 'gora land', any land for that matter, 'bas saat samundar paar hona chahida'. They would part with the most fertile land and equip their sons to be in the land of dollars whether Australian , Canadian, or US. So Nachhattar, by all means, fair and not so fair, landed on the shores of United States Of America. Here he found out that all things were not as bright and beautiful as they looked from far. He toiled hard for his daily meal; went through all the grind that is expected to survive in this foreign land. Strong as he was, a true jatt, he not just survived but with his endurance and hard work, became successful. It was a sigh of great relief when he got the most coveted 'green card'. Dont ask how he managed it. So the land of opportunity was turning out to be good to him. He got his wife and son from Punjab. Now he had to work twice as hard. He got his wife a job and as a true hard working 'jatti', it was not long that she started driving on the freeway of Los Angeles.. Wow!!..the taste of freedom was so much exhilirating! . She realized, life just began for her and sky was the limit !!
With sheer hard work they both managed to buy a restaurant; worked hard throughout the day and came back home all tired and exhausted, but satisfied. Their young son Goldie was growing up .They were just too happy to provide him with all the goodies they could afford . They were providing him with everything, but, the most wanted thing, their time and sanskaar. The whole day he was in the company of his friends; embibing their ways and trying to fit in amongst them.
 One day it so happened that Nachhattar came home early. He saw his son snoring away on the carpet with a remote in his hand. He got a jolt when he saw a Blue x-rated film running on the huge TV screen. He just couldn’t help himself; pulled out the belt from his trousers and started hitting the young boy. The boy was in excruciating pain; didnt realize what hit him. When he got to his senses, he caught hold of the belt and threatened to call the police. His this attitude infuriated Nachhattar so much that for a second he lost his mind and hit him two more blows. By that time the son was already on the phone with the police. Police arrested the dad; went through all the legalities and the verdict was, that Nachhattar was ordered to take the anger management class. The humiliation was too much for him and his wife. Son getting father arrested was a big news for the small Gurdwara community. This was a new low for the Indian community.. 'to what level the young kids are falling!' .
 Slowly things came to normal. Things were not really forgotten, but put behind. Time passed..  year passed.. everything looked normal in the household..

One day Nachhattar Singh asked his son if he wanted to attend a cousin’s wedding in India. He was going and if Goldy wanted to tag along, he was welcome. Weddings are great celebrations in India with all the pomp and show , loud music and bhangra. Goldy couldn’t resist the temptation. Mother was left behind for the care of the business and off went 'piyo puttar', the father -son duo. Nachhattar looked real happy to take his son along. So, off they flew to India.

After 24 hrs of exhausting flight they landed at the IGI Airport in Delhi. All went well, till Nachhattar was holding his shoe in his hand and beating his son right, left and centre..”Saale police nu sadh da si, hunn bula police..” (saale, u were calling the police on me, now call the police). Goldie was taken aback by such turn of events. People came forward; held Nacchattar’s hand; asked why he was behaving like that with his son. Nachhattar narrated to them how and why his own son had called police on him in US. This infuriated the seniors of Indian community who were standing in front of the conveyer belt waiting for their luggage. They took off their shoes too and joined Nachhattar in beating his son. Seeing all the commotion, the airport police arrived. When they heard what Nachhatar said , they also slapped the young lad on his face.. “saale baap te police sadh da hai..ik hor maaro saale di boothi te”.. (saale baap par police bulata hai, ek aur maaro isske muh par)..

Goldie couldn't believe what was happening to him.  To resolve the matter, some people suggested Goldie to touch his dad's feet and ask for forgiveness. To save his skin, he did just that. The emotionally charged dad held his son in his arms and kissed him on his forehead. Goldie could see the tears in his father;s eyes. All was forgotten that very moment. Outside the airport his uncles and cousins were waiting to recieve them. There was a spate of 'jhappiyaan pappiyaan' and all drove back to their village in Punjab, happy.

Amidst his family,he saw how closely knit they all were. He saw his uncle slap his son when he would not listen to him. But at night, he would feed the very same boy, morsels with his own hands. He saw his uncle searching all through the bazaar for the cricket set his son so much wanted. But wouldnt think twice before reprimanding him for the actions he didnt approve of. Hitting the kids was the part and parcel of the culture here.Parents owned the kids and not the state. The kids were a part of their 'being'; their extension and not a separate entity.The responsibility of raising the child was theirs. Parents are held responsible if they fail in their responsibility. Hence they went all out to make sure that the child was on the right track even if it meant hitting them. Throughout his stay here Goldie was at his best behaviour.

Nachchattar came closer to his son too. Goldie was tagging along with him like a shadow everywhere. Nachhattar had all the time for him. He realized how in the rig-ma-rol of life he had compromised the small little moments of happiness. They both had gone through the much needed refresher course.

When they came back home after a month in the village, Goldy had become a ‘good boy”. No one knows what worked for him.. the shoe beatings or the naseehat of the village elders..........( Poonam Dogra)



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  2. Loved it:) Funny yet moving... great read!

  3. modern-day justice. Fun reading this post.

  4. What fun reading this post was. I'm sure similar stories exist in the albums of many many families from Punjab and around. I particularly like "They took off their shoes too and joined Nachhattar in beating his son." Is this a true incident? :D

  5. I'm never very sure if such stories are true or just concocted by our NRIs to tell to their sons and daughters back home in the US! :)
    This one was hilarious and I loved every jappi-pappi-and-jutti...

    Arvind Passey

  6. Hah! What an enjoyable story - and with a lesson, too!
    I am just glad that Goldie didn't return to the US and set the police on his dad again with fresh charges! :D

    I am glad you have got this crazy, brilliant blog going!

    1. I am happy you enjoyed my post!! thanks so much for reading it..:)